What star will you reach?

May 27, 2019 | Brisbane, CA


We offer a women’s 5K, an all-comers 5K, and a 1-mile community race on Memorial Day!

What goals do you have in mind?  Attempt to achieve your star at our gentle (not hilly) 5K or 1M course in The City of Stars (Brisbane, CA).  Located right by the Southern border of San Francisco. Great for beginners looking to finish their first 5K or veteran runners shooting for a fast time.  Race Day will be Memorial Day (Monday) on May 27, 2019.  Finisher awards will be presented to those who reach their star by race day.

Proceeds from the 5K races and mile run will benefit Brisbane’s Little League Baseball. The 5Ks are part of the USATF Pacific Association Road Grand Prix.

If you have any questions, contact the Race Director at RFAStar5K [at] gmail

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